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Hassle free storage & dispatch that grows around you
Whether you need us process all of your orders or just selected products, our flexible approach is a very cost effective way to ensure your orders are processed accurately, on time and ensure happy, returning customers.
Standalone Fulfilment

We provide standalone storage of your goods with on-demand pick, pack & dispatch to fulfil orders.

Whether your orders are sent via data feed, input directly into our software or from an integrated third party platform you can be confident your fulfilment is being taken care of in the background.

Standalone Fulfilment
Hybrid Fulfilment

Mix and match to suit your business using our hybrid fulfilment model. Our software can drive your warehouses as well as ours, spread and keep track of stock between them and have selected orders fulfilled by our team while handling others in-house.

This is great if you need to use our fulfilment services for a specific part of your business, without making a complete switch over.

Full Service
eCommerce + Fulfilment

As part of the Inteli2D Group, we can leverage integrated eCommerce development from our web team, 2Dmedia, an award winning web development company in its own right.

Our software is powered by MOW ERP, our order processing and warehouse management platform used to process millions of orders each year and developed in-house.

Combined, we can provide a completely managed service from the order being placed through beautiful web stores straight into powerful business software for reporting, catalogue & customer management for you, ready to be processed by our warehouse team and sent to your customer.

With no integrations or technical bridges to worry about you benefit from a single point of contact managing the whole process, leaving you to focus on product sourcing and marketing.

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eCommerce + Fulfilment
Quality Guaranteed

However we provide it, every order is sent accurately thanks to barcode verification. With real time traceability within the system, our fulfilment is like having your own seamless ‘virtual’ warehouse.